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About Us

Clutch Logistics is a Freight brokerage firm that specializes in moving freight across a variety of different industries. Our goal is to make the process of moving loads as simple as possible for all parties involved. We will streamline the freight logistics industry and make moving freight a more hassle free and pleasant experience for both customer and carrier. By holding true to our core values and taking care of our drivers, we enable them to take care of you.

We are a carrier centered organization because our drivers are the final face of our company. Drivers are what really make or break the operation as a freight logistics company. We know that hiring good drivers keeps us looking great as an organization and that is why we strive to maintain a personal relationship with each of our carriers. Keeping our drivers and trucks loaded in their preferred lanes keeps them productive and efficient. By focusing on driver satisfaction and quality allows Clutch Logistics to offer superior services to our customers. Even we don’t have a load from a customer, we still search the load board to keep our carriers loaded.

With that ideal in place, Clutch logistics finds desired shippers and displays the value of a reliable carrier. Our number one value is to always do what you say you are going to do and it will be the basis for our organization moving forward.

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