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3 Reasons to Drive a Flatbed Truck

3 Reasons to Drive a Flatbed Truck

Flatbed driving is considered by the industry as one of the most difficult types of truck driving. This reputation is justly given based on the heavy and odd shaped loads that drivers are required to secure and haul for their customers. Along with the difficulties of flatbed trucking come rewards and the skills it requires are in constant demand. Here 3 reasons why driving a flatbed truck is rewarding.

Reason 1: Flatbed Trucking Pays Well

Your typical flatbed load pays more per mile when compared to many other types of trucking. This is because the challenging nature of the work allows flatbed carriers to charge more for their services. If you are working for a good carrier or transport company, some of this cost increase should flow into your pockets.  There are up-charges for additional work, such as tarping, which can add up to a significant income difference compared to dry van and temperature controlled loads.

Reason 2: There is High Demand for Flatbed Truck Drivers

Due to the increased difficulty level of driving flatbed loads, the number of good, qualified drivers are limited. This translates into more jobs, higher wages (as mentioned above) and the ability to be more strategic about the loads you are picking up. You won’t be required to take any and every load that is put in front of you. All of this means you will be able to have more control over your jobs.

Reason 3: You are continually challenged

The repetition of doing the same thing day in and day out gets boring. The job becomes dull and you are running on auto-pilot. This is the life of many drivers, but flatbed truck drivers have the benefit of being continually challenged. Many drivers chose this line of trucking because of these challenges and say the physical labor is a welcome compliment to driving. Given the well-known health hazards of trucking’s sedentary nature, the opportunity to move and exercise as part of the work offers more benefits than just the chance to break the monotony. Drivers feel a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when they look in their mirrors and see a stable load or the tarp tight, with no loose ends flapping.

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