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How are Full Truckload (TL) Rates Calculated?

How are Full Truckload (TL) Rates Calculated?

Full Truckload (TL) shipping is for customers that have enough cargo to fill an entire trailer and the pickup or delivery time is important to hit. With Full Truckload (TL), shipments typically travel on only one truck with one destination, so delivery time estimates are often accurate and fast in comparison to less than truckload (LTL) shipping.

Full truckload shipping is ideal when:

  • There are enough items to fill an entire truck.
  • The customer prefers a whole truck dedicated to their goods.
  • The freight is time sensitive.
  • The weight makes it more cost effective than less than truckload.

So how are full truckload (TL) rates calculated?

Full Truckload rates are calculated through a variety of factors:

  • Mileage
  • Truck lane availability
  • Seasonality
  • Lead time
  • Fuel costs
  • Type of trailer needed

These variables give a good foundation for determining a price of a Full Truckload (TL) shipment, but there are also several variables that could cause the rates to fluctuate. These could range from toll roads on the routes to construction and weather conditions in the area. Below are some examples of variables that could impact your shipping costs:

  • Supply & Demand: Just like any market, supply & demand play a large role in determining the cost of your freight transportation. Depending on the seasonality of the market and the number of truckloads coming in and out of an area, the cost of your freight will change.
  • Capacity Problems:┬áRelated to supply and demand, the capacity of carriers and trucks impact the pricing of moving your freight. If there are not enough trucks in an area, or there is a large influx of loads, the price may increase due to the market demand and competition.
  • Region: The starting point and the destination of your shipment will impact the pricing of your freight. The routes from start to finish could be full of tolls or construction delays which cause the per-mile cost to increase.

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