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Flatbed Hot Shot Hauling

Our years of experience with Hot Shot and Expedient flatbed freight services ensure our customers loads are handled with care and delivered on-time.

Our customers enjoy peace of mind by partnering with Clutch Logistics for their hot shot flatbed freight needs.

  • An extensive network of flatbed hot shot drivers across the United States.
  • 24/7 customer support and tracking of your shipment to ensure delivery.
  • Experienced qualified drivers who thrive on the challenges of flatbed hauling.
  • Additional services such as tarping, oversize load transports and secured transports to ensure your loads are safe and secure.
  • When you need to meet a deadline trust Clutch Logistics with your Expedited or Hot Shot flatbed loads.  Our flatbed Hot Shot shipments are nonstop, direct from shipper to consignee and tracked the entire time.  Wether you are moving a single pallet or a D9 Dozer - Clutch Logistics have you covered.

    What is a Hot Shot load?

    Hot Shot loads are typically loads that required expedited delivery on a very tight timeline. When deliveries are needed outside normal operating hours; drivers are avilable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hot shot transport is often the highest priority for customers and there is no room for failure.

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